Gary Martin and I restored this beat up old neon sign for our friend Steve Wertheimer's brand new club back around 1987. 

Back then, we'd go to meet up with Steve at the Watson - Casey Group where he worked as a CPA. Then he would take us over to look at “the club”.

As I was taking photos and rummaging around the joint, I remember Steve, sitting all alone at a table in that filthy abandoned dungeon of a place. I suppose he was master minding what was to be today, the most famous and historically significant music institution in Austin. Now revered as "the grandaddy of all local music venues". 

That vision of Steve's, has helped solidify what is so extraordinary about Austin's music scene today as "The live music capital of the world" ... So if you ever go there, just look up on the bottom of the sign and you'll see us, were still there - "Martin Signs & Beneon" or something like that. 

Ahhh, those were good days my friends.

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