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Glasstire (2018)

Austin-based neon artist and musician Ben Livingston got a bit choked up during a gallery talk for his Spirit Houses exhibition at the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts a few weeks back. He was recalling the emotional experience of retrieving some of the wood that he used as cradles or homes for his colorful tubes of light.



Voyage Houston (2019)

Meet Ben Livingston

I like being on to something. That’s why my life plays out like a surf safari, filled with hundreds of seasons, paddling into countless waves of random curiosity coupled with an obsession to report the experience. I’m pretty sure it’s no different than paleo-man drawing epic hunt and creation stories all over cave walls.



Beeville Bee (2018)

BEEVILLE – An underlying spirit flows through all communities just like an electrical current. And just like the dust in each community, that dust and spirit holds information, going back centuries.Phosphors, to Austin artist Ben Livingston, can be made into dust from rock and then illuminated to show evidence of the spirit that lives there. Like ghosts in the dark, the spirit comes alive in the neon art he creates.



Concho Valley (2017)

San Angelo, TX - Thirty years ago, neon light sculptor, Ben Livingston, began to see a neon sign as more than just a series of tubes and vibrant colors. Now he sees it as an art form.

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Smear (2015)

Austin, TX 

The guy at the light bulb shop warned me that neon sign benders were “kind of off” – that “something about the gasses” made them crazy. Weeks later, my inbox bings. A new message from awaits. It’s Austin-based neon artist Ben Livingston, who is just the man I hoped to find.