My time now. The adventures of my father's 1963 Rolex Explorer.

I'd like to begin this story about how a durable Swiss timepiece became a family legacy with a toast to Bob Ridley, Master horologist and his assistant, Barbara, who is responsible for encouraging me to gather my thoughts and reflections about my father's Rolex Explorer and record the tale of this watch's circuitous path through the last 55 years.

The story starts with my father, purchasing "the watch that climbed Mt. Everest" at the Rolex factory in Geneva in 1963 to 1983 when he passed it down to me on my 25th birthday all the way until December 7th, 2018 when at age 55, it will be passed down the line to the grandson who will be turning 30.

As of this first entry my sights are on it's full restoration in trade for a neon sculpture as the next recipient is unknowingly yet steadily ripening for the hand off… READ THE FULL BLOG HERE